I was blessed with the opportunity to attend this years ADCOLOR conference and awards. For those not familiar with the conference, it’s an annual diversity gathering for professionals at all levels. It’s an immersive event that brings together experts in creative industries (marketing, media, entertainment, tech).

After reading the mission statement and browsing the website I was sold - I immediately applied to attend (not to mention it was in LA). A couple weeks later I got the confirmation email!

I quickly realized this was not your ordinary conference. Hip hop music was playing everywhere and there was hot sauce in the gift bags lol. While there was still representation from the caucasian community, 95% of the people were colored.

The theme of the conference was ‘Moment of truth’.


We all have our moment of truth or awakening that opens our eyes to the disadvantages or discrimination minority groups face. Groups like black people, women, gays, or people with disabilities or mental disorders. It was nice to be surrounded by a community of people who’s main goal is to include everyone.

The conference kicked off with panels of women. I listened to the writer behind the script of BETS show ‘Girlfriends’ talk about how tough it was for her penetrate the glass ceiling in her industry. I also listened to a panel of Netflix actresses speak about the #strongblacklead initiative and campaign ‘A Great Day in Hollywood’.

Day 2 included sessions from YouTube, Google, and more. My favorite was presented by Proctor & Gamble. They played their commercial spot ‘The Talk’ and the whole room teared up (including me).

We wrapped up the weekend with the ADCOLOR Conference Awards that gave tribute to the innovators and disruptors in the industry. And of course there was an after party at the Conga Room in downtown LA.

Being a part of this conference was definitely a highlight of 2018. I learned that as a marketing professional we really shape how minority groups are being viewed by the masses. We have the ability to change the negative perceptions and put out something positive.

See more videos and pictures below or view my IG highlight story for a recap!