#blackgirlmagictour recap

Was so excited about the upcoming #blackggirlmagc tour that I drove to Houston to attend. Originally I’d heard about this event through @lipstickandcurls who I follow on instagram, however the tickets for the Dallas stop were sold out.

Right afterwards I saw @greeneyesgoldsoul post that she would be speaking at the Houston event so me and three friends immediately booked tickets!

It’ something about women supporting women that has become a real passion point of mine. When I think about the most influential people in my life - it’s always been women.

Boss Women Media is a community of women who desire more from their 9-5 job and / or any career through experiential events like the #blackgirlmagictour. The Houston event was held at Sugarfina and it was the cutest venue!!


There were three speakers:

Courtney Brand - Influencer and PR Professional

Teneya Gholston- Director of Marketing for Creme of Nature

Kim Roxie - Freelance MUA

They all shared their experiences and unique perspectives on the challenges of being a woman of color in the workplace and how to overcome them. They also dropped hella gems on entrepreneurship, how to build a brand, and how to create content that is impactful.

“How you do anything is how you do everything”

In the words of Courtneys Mom.

Do everything with intent. It does get tempting sometimes to feel the need to always put out content., but don’t sacrifice the quality of the work. Practice what you preach in that you’re always putting your best foot forward.

“It may be the best No you’ve ever had”

PREACH sis! I’ve always said that if God didn’t make that ‘plan’ or that ‘dream job’ fall through, then it must be because there’s something greater coming. Kim told a story about how she stumbled upon a chemist that helped her develop her first products after struggling to find someone. She encouraged us to take our No’s and use them as fuel and not be afraid to knock at the door again.

“Spend money on your weaknesses, not your strengths”

This hit home for me. Any business person or entrepreneur can sometimes fall victim to wanting to do it all. We’re all great at a lot of things. We also are not so great a lot of things. When it comes to hiring people or delegating tasks for your business be sure and invest in the things that you’re not great at. Identify your strengths and do those - pay to hire someone to do what you cant’t.

“Don’t overthink it”

Just start it. Don’t hold off launching your website for months because you can’t think of the perfect headline. This is the story of my life. Kim mentioned her 21 year old self and how she always says ‘what would 21 year old Kim do’. 21 year old Kim would jump and not think about the consequences or risks associated.

Overall I learned a lot from these ladies and left super inspired. All while doing it with my besties right beside me!