#blackgirlmagictour recap

Was so excited about the upcoming #blackggirlmagc tour that I drove to Houston to attend. Originally I’d heard about this event through @lipstickandcurls who I follow on instagram, however the tickets for the Dallas stop were sold out.

Right afterwards I saw @greeneyesgoldsoul post that she would be speaking at the Houston event so me and three friends immediately booked tickets!

It’ something about women supporting women that has become a real passion point of mine. When I think about the most influential people in my life - it’s always been women.

Boss Women Media is a community of women who desire more from their 9-5 job and / or any career through experiential events like the #blackgirlmagictour. The Houston event was held at Sugarfina and it was the cutest venue!!


There were three speakers:

Courtney Brand - Influencer and PR Professional

Teneya Gholston- Director of Marketing for Creme of Nature

Kim Roxie - Freelance MUA

They all shared their experiences and unique perspectives on the challenges of being a woman of color in the workplace and how to overcome them. They also dropped hella gems on entrepreneurship, how to build a brand, and how to create content that is impactful.

“How you do anything is how you do everything”

In the words of Courtneys Mom.

Do everything with intent. It does get tempting sometimes to feel the need to always put out content., but don’t sacrifice the quality of the work. Practice what you preach in that you’re always putting your best foot forward.

“It may be the best No you’ve ever had”

PREACH sis! I’ve always said that if God didn’t make that ‘plan’ or that ‘dream job’ fall through, then it must be because there’s something greater coming. Kim told a story about how she stumbled upon a chemist that helped her develop her first products after struggling to find someone. She encouraged us to take our No’s and use them as fuel and not be afraid to knock at the door again.

“Spend money on your weaknesses, not your strengths”

This hit home for me. Any business person or entrepreneur can sometimes fall victim to wanting to do it all. We’re all great at a lot of things. We also are not so great a lot of things. When it comes to hiring people or delegating tasks for your business be sure and invest in the things that you’re not great at. Identify your strengths and do those - pay to hire someone to do what you cant’t.

“Don’t overthink it”

Just start it. Don’t hold off launching your website for months because you can’t think of the perfect headline. This is the story of my life. Kim mentioned her 21 year old self and how she always says ‘what would 21 year old Kim do’. 21 year old Kim would jump and not think about the consequences or risks associated.

Overall I learned a lot from these ladies and left super inspired. All while doing it with my besties right beside me!


Hitting the 3 year mark at my agency

I joke with my friends and say that my career is officially the longest relationship I’ve had.

This month I’ve officially been at my company for three years. This also marks the third year I’ve been ‘adulting’ out of college.

I got the itch to write a post about this because for some reason the three year mark feels like more of a milestone than my first or second year.

In a way, I feel like the first year I was more focused on landing a full time position and title that I didn’t realize a year had passed. The second year I still feel like I was learning digital marketing while also proving to myself that I belonged in the industry.

Now I feel like i finally know what i’m doing lol. I’ve really gained traction and confidence in my knowledge and expertise. Looking back, I feel like the most growth came from 2018. I put sooooo much effort into my presentation and people skills that I’m really proud at how far I’ve come. I have this irrational fear of public speaking lol, so I pushed myself to be in front of large crowds and meetings aallllll 2018. Sometimes I still get anxious, but it feels 10x better now.

Invest in the work, but more importantly invest in yourself as a professional

It’s always important for me to be great at my job and continue to craft my skills, but my professional development has by far propelled me in my career. Things like, leadership abilities, building relationships internally, networking with clients, being involved in initiatives that I’m passionate about. All things that help me build myself as a business woman regardless of the company or industry. I think every company appreciates an employee who is bettering themselves.

Moving on is part of the process

I’ve realized that people move on. My boss recently received a promotion at another agency and I was merged with a whole new development, creative, and account team. While I was sad to see her leave, when better opportunities present themselves you have to take them. I feel her.

It is quite a big change working with new people, but I like the idea of being flexible because at the end of the day one thing that’s always is certain is change.

Be open to criticism

As painful as it was - I had my boss read over my emails for months when I first started. I had no idea how to craft an email to a client, but I was open to learning. Now look at me lol. Leading projects and ish. Even chats with my boss about how my conference call went or how my presentations went helped tremendously.

I’m always asking, Did I handle that correctly? Should I have said more? or less?

Moral of the story, Invest in yourself and your growth sis

2020 Democrats face the most diverse electorate in history



By Ronald Brownstein with graphics by Joyce Tseng, CNN

One of the defining characteristics of the 2020 Democratic presidential contest is the unprecedented diversity of the field, which already features more women and minority candidates than ever.

But even more significant than the increasing variety of the contenders may be the growing diversity of the primary voters who will choose among them. Over the past decade, the electorate in the Democratic presidential primary has grown more racially diverse, better educated and more heavily tilted toward female voters, an extensive new CNN analysis of exit poll data has found.

“We’re going to see an intensifying trend toward an electorate that is more diverse, better educated, and possibly, this time, even 60 percent or more of the voters will be women,” @RonBrownstein says about the Democratic electorate in 2020. https://t.co/IXC9sRHBhypic.twitter.com/VOzxKSTV6q

— New Day (@NewDay) February 12, 2019

Party strategists almost universally expect those trends to persist, and even accelerate in 2020, as minority, white-collar and female voters continue to recoil from President Trump. Just two of the demographic groups most alienated from Trump -- white women with college degrees and African-American women at all education levels -- could compose as much of two-fifths of all Democratic primary voters next year, the CNN exit poll analysis suggests.

“The area of growth for 2020 is going to be more female, more educated and more diverse,” says Robby Mook, the campaign manager for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

The area of growth for 2020 is going to be more female, more educated and more diverse.


As those groups grow, the working-class white voters who once constituted the backbone of the Democratic coalition are likely to continue their long-term decline as a share of the primary electorate next year everywhere but the Rust Belt.

“Non-college whites are a declining proportion of our coalition and the primary,” says Ben Tulchin, the 2016 pollster for Bernie Sanders. “Especially in the era of Trump, where we have continued to struggle with white working class voters.”

From all these directions, it now appears likely that the most diverse field of presidential candidates in the Democrats’ history will face the most diverse electorate the party has ever attracted.

“The Democratic primary to me is a focused encapsulation of the changes that are happening more broadly in America,” said Cornell Belcher, a Democratic pollster who focuses on African-American voters. “It is where you’ll see the unfolding, growing, power of the minority vote focused and you will see it in force first.”

Read full article here


I was blessed with the opportunity to attend this years ADCOLOR conference and awards. For those not familiar with the conference, it’s an annual diversity gathering for professionals at all levels. It’s an immersive event that brings together experts in creative industries (marketing, media, entertainment, tech).

After reading the mission statement and browsing the website I was sold - I immediately applied to attend (not to mention it was in LA). A couple weeks later I got the confirmation email!

I quickly realized this was not your ordinary conference. Hip hop music was playing everywhere and there was hot sauce in the gift bags lol. While there was still representation from the caucasian community, 95% of the people were colored.

The theme of the conference was ‘Moment of truth’.


We all have our moment of truth or awakening that opens our eyes to the disadvantages or discrimination minority groups face. Groups like black people, women, gays, or people with disabilities or mental disorders. It was nice to be surrounded by a community of people who’s main goal is to include everyone.

The conference kicked off with panels of women. I listened to the writer behind the script of BETS show ‘Girlfriends’ talk about how tough it was for her penetrate the glass ceiling in her industry. I also listened to a panel of Netflix actresses speak about the #strongblacklead initiative and campaign ‘A Great Day in Hollywood’.

Day 2 included sessions from YouTube, Google, and more. My favorite was presented by Proctor & Gamble. They played their commercial spot ‘The Talk’ and the whole room teared up (including me).

We wrapped up the weekend with the ADCOLOR Conference Awards that gave tribute to the innovators and disruptors in the industry. And of course there was an after party at the Conga Room in downtown LA.

Being a part of this conference was definitely a highlight of 2018. I learned that as a marketing professional we really shape how minority groups are being viewed by the masses. We have the ability to change the negative perceptions and put out something positive.

See more videos and pictures below or view my IG highlight story for a recap!