How I Started Designing

Sometimes I’ll ask you guys what you want me to write about and this was one of them.

It’s usually along the lines of…How did you start designing? How did you learn how to sew? Did you go to school for fashion?

Sewing and designing sort of ‘fell on my lap’.

I’d always been into fashion as a young girl. We wore uniforms in high school, so I’d have to get pretty creative to be cute. I also had a bunch of siblings and not even money to buy the trendy clothes. I think all of those thing birthed the DIY interest. I became a pro at turning nothing into something cute. However, I didn’t put two and two together and went to college for communications, focusing my studies in business and public relations.

My senior year, I was thrifting and came across the most beautiful vintage black dress. It was only $5, but geeeessh it was a size 14 (10 sizes too big). I took it to get tailored and they proceeded to tell me it would be around $80.

I said eff that I’ll do it myself. So I went to Walmart and bought a sewing machine for the same price. From there, I started to learn how it to use it - watching YouTube videos with a lot of trial and error. Then I launched my blog and started sharing my thrift store projects.

Although my first love is repurposing items, I started to get the itch to create my own designs. First I had to learn the basics of sketching and then I had to school myself on how to design garments. I still think I‘m in the early stages of this process, but I’ve come a long way. Currently I’m working on my technical sewing skills. Things like creating patterns and sewing the patterns into actual pieces.

One thing I’ve always had to have throughout this process is patience and diligence.

Learning a new skill does not happen overnight and I always tell myself that when I get frustrated. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to mistake my way through things. How many pieces I’ve made too small, too big, or just ugly lol. I’m still finding my POV as a designer, but I tend to be drawn to vintage clothes, earthy pallets, and minimalism.

I’m aiming to put out a loungewear collection in 2019 as well as part 2 of my denim series. Super excited for you all to see this growth!