Life's Leaps

I took a big leap yesterday and bought my first new car.

It definitely gave me slight anxiety because it's one of the biggest purchases I've ever made as a 20 something (cues sza). As they were finalizing the paperwork my mind flashed back to a conversation me and my baby sister had the day before. I'd asked her how was the first day of school and she told me she was performing at the pep rally for the first time. 

Talk about nerve wrecking. I went on to tell her nerves are good. That means you’re getting uncomfortable. Keep doing that. Plus, best case scenario you kill it. 

I'd performed at many greek functions and was terrified each time lol. Yet each time it got easier and less scary. Same for presenting at my job. Sometimes I find myself blacking out when I talk in front of big groups - hence why I never started a YouTube channel lol. 

So my boss recommended I take part in a program that will allow me to present digital trends to senior leadership every month. If it was up to me, I would have said no, but I knew it wasn't a recommendation, but more of a necessary step to sharpen my skills. 

The nerves are still there, but I've worked hard to learn how to manage them better. I used to spend a week practicing, now I can get it down within 2-3 days...progress. I say all this as a small reminder to myself that leaps are just that. Leaps towards something I really want.

'Mamma aint raise no punk' - mom who was sitting next to me at the dealership.

I was fearful of the purchase, but also extremely excited because ya'll don't understand I've had that car since high school. I'd prayed for over 4 months for the opportunity and 3 times that day alone that it would work out. Just goes to show that God will give you what you asked for sometimes to test if you're ready for it.

Moral of the story is I got the car and my sister killed the pep rally.